Oran "Baron" Grey

Disillusioned Repo Man


696C75, age 42

from shoranan

astrogation 1, computers 1, deception 2, wheeled drive 0, m-drive engineer 1, gunner 1, pistol 1, investigate 1, jack-o-t 1, unarmed melee 2, blade melee 1, spacecraft pilot 1, small craft pilot 1, recon 0,. stealth 2, streetwise 0, survival 1, tactics 1, vacc suit 2, zero-g 0

cloth armor(3), flak jacket TL8 (6), data bug, TL8 comm w/TL9 translation software, 3 stim drugs, IR/LI goggles, parka, heavy boots.

autopistol w/silencer (3d6-3; 44 ammo), autorifle (3d6; 18 ammo), dagger (1d6+2)

7120 Cr + 6 borrowed from robert

1 contact


oran was born to moral but poor parents eking out a living in the asteroid colony shoranan.

a string of failed get-rich-quick schemes on his father’s part cast doubt on oran’s dreams of moving to sonara prime and living the rich life of noble endeavor his parents so often promised to stall his youthful impulsivity.

being passed over for university acceptance on a technicality was the last straw, and oran resigned himself to the cold reality of survival within an amoral society, taking a job as a corporate agent repossessing mining assets from unlucky prospectors.

while oran’s employer could not officially approve of his unorthodox methods, his effectiveness was undeniable, and more and more company resources were quietly placed at his disposal.

success came quickly, and sonara prime seemed only a few terms away when misfortune struck — the company was unable to back up its claim to a seeker in court, and the repossession was retroactively deemed unlawful. the company exercised its carefully-cultivated plausible deniability, distancing itself from oran, leaving him quite literally on the street the next day.

set adrift, oran took odd jobs for a few years, eventually establishing a stable niche doing repossessions for wealthy individuals. his ethical standards continued to slip with each new job as he became more jaded and complacent.

crime lord “baroness tilva” became a frequent customer. she found his continued pretense of morality intriguing, and eventually their relationship became romantic. oran spent so much time at her luxurious home that her envious underlings began to refer to him “the baron”.

eventually it was undeniable that he had become a pirate, pure and simple. the seeming kindling of the baroness’ interest in another, younger paramour became oran’s excuse to leave the syndicate, and they amicably parted ways both professionally and personally.

so it is that oran is making a new start working for hora. “could I handle an entry-level job popping over and jump-starting some derelict mining equipment? you know, I bet I could…”

Oran "Baron" Grey

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